7 Steps to Confident Public Speaking

Confident Public Speaker

I have successfully coached many clients who had a fear of or lacked confidence in public speaking. It is a very common phenomena.

If this is something that you experience, take the following steps:

1. The first step towards achieving any goal is believing that you can. As Henry Ford famously said “if you think you can you can, and if you think you can’t you can’t and either way you’re probably right”.

Instil the belief in yourself by repeating a positive affirmation like “I AM confident and I CAN do this”. The more you repeat the affirmation, the more you will believe it.

The subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between a real and an imagined experience, so if you tell yourself that you are a confident public speaker it will think you are.

2. Think of when you are about to speak in public.

3. Take yourself back to a time when you were about to speak. Experience it as if it were happening right here and now. See what you see, hear what you hear and feel what you feel as you are about to deliver your speech or address an audience.

4. Take yourself back to the point before you get the feeling of fear, anxiousness, nervousness, lack of confidence or whatever the feeling is that you experience.

5. What is the ‘trigger’ for that feeling? What is it that causes you to experience that disempowering or limiting feeling?

Once you know what the ‘trigger’ is then you can address it.

For example, the ‘trigger’ may be, just prior to speaking, thinking to yourself or hearing your internal voice tell you that you are going to look stupid.

6. You could tell yourself that you are going to look just fine, or you could ask yourself, if you look stupid, what’s the worst that can happen?

So you look stupid, so what? What is stupid anyway?

How often have you sat in a seminar or at a conference and listened to somebody speak? How often are you thinking that the speaker is stupid? I would guess rarely or never.

So what makes you think that your audience are thinking that of you?

Whatever the ‘trigger’ you can challenge it and change it.

7. Finally, visualise yourself confidently delivering your speech or address and see the positive reaction of the audience, fully engaged in what you are saying.

You CAN do it!

You ARE a confident public speaker!

People want to hear what you have to say!

Let me know how you get on.

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